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Men’s League

Thursday League

On Thursdays from May to September the Men’s league takes place with a 6:00 pm shotgun. The men form their own two-man teams and play nine hole matches. The leagues are divided into two groups classified as “lower handicap” and “higher handicap.” This year, our format is going to be new, fun and challenging. Each player on the team will play one of the other members of the opposing team for one point per hole. Each hole all players will win or lose one point. The last match will be worth 3 points. The league season will be divided into two halves, with certificates awarded to the top teams from each half. Thursday League will cost $80.00 per player. The entry fee will cover weekly prizes, as well as a closing dinner.

If you do not have a partner, you can sign up as a single and the Pro Shop will do their best to find you a partner that you will be comfortable with, or you can post your name on the sub-list and the Pro Shop will call you when there is a cancellation for that week. Every week we need subs, and this is a great way to meet new people and fellow members.

Saturday Men’s Events

Each Saturday throughout the summer, we offer a competitive game for our members. We play varying formats of best ball and individual events and it has been very popular through the years. Foursomes are created by the members themselves, if you are looking for a game, call the Pro Shop and they will pair you up with a group to play on Saturday mornings.

New for this year, we will charge a weekly event fee for the Saturday event, and apply that entry fee to award certificates to the top scores for that event. The fee this year will be $5 per week, which we will put on your bill after you play that day. The league will be flighted by teams combined handicap. Sunnybrook members will be encouraged to invite both Watermark and StoneWater members to fill out their foursomes and participate in this event. The popular skins and quota will also still be offered, so you can win some cash.

Get involved!  If you are looking for a game, call the Pro Shop and we will pair you up.

We encourage everybody to participate.  Luke and Chris will be happy to answer any questions and make this a great golf season!

Senior Men’s Golf League

If you’re a Senior Guy who is already close to retirement or already there, we have all kinds of events and activities for you. We have a wide variety of events, including the Senior Club Championship, Two-Day Senior Member-Guest for the more serious golfers.

On Thursday mornings, we have a group of seniors that meet every week for a fun game, and challenging, this is a great way to get to know more members, and participate in a team format each week. Play starts at 9:30 am each week and the event is normally a variation of a best ball format. The guys do play for a few “sheckles”, but the competition is mostly for the fun and camaraderie of playing with others.

Afterwards, most of the golfers will gather as a group for lunch in the member’s lounge. This group is very social and was started by Art Mier, and kept alive by Elmer Vruggink, and always welcomes new golfers in to the group.

Seniors also participate in all of our other events here at the club, Saturday morning events, Stags, Couples Golf, Men’s league. There is no shortage of events here for you to meet people and enjoy your membership doing what you love.

Women’s Golf League

New for this year will be our Ladies Tuesday Night League which will start on Tuesday, June 3rd and will run thru August 19th. The league will consist of two person teams and will be a Best-Ball Match Play format. The League will start each week at 5:45 PM and will be flighted by team handicaps. We encourage players of all ability levels to come out and join in on the fun! There are many other events to play in during the course of the season including our Member-Member, Member-Guest, Ladies Night Out, Club Championship and our Thursday Morning 18 Hole Group. Please be sure to check out the calendar to check times and dates for all of our great events.

The 18 hole league plays on Thursday mornings at 8:15 am for our more traditional ladies day. Groups are paired up by the pro shop each week and there is an event played with varying formats, with prizes in certificates paid out each week. All women are encouraged to join and help grow the ladies events. The 9 hole group plays on Tuesday night from 5:00 to 6:00 pm. They also play a different event each week, some individual and some team events, so that over the course of the year, everyone has a chance to win. The ladies on Tuesday night like to refer to themselves as the “Nine and Dine Group.” The atmosphere is for fun and casual golf with a little competition thrown in.

Women of ages and ability levels play in both of these groups. For the most part the women who play 18 holes are golfers who have played the game for several years. The 9 hole group has a wide range of age and ability levels as well. Players from both groups are welcoming of new players and usually gather for lunch or dinner after their rounds. Also, the Ladies association has many events to play in, including Member-Member, Member-Guest, Ladies night out, One-Day Member-Guest and Club Championships. There are many opportunities to get involved and meet new people.

The Pro Shop can help you to decide which group would be best for you and introduce you to the Ladies Golf Association.

Junior Golf Program

Sunnybrook always strives to have a fun and challenging junior golf program for all ages and abilities. Last year, we had over 80 juniors in the program that ended with the Junior Club Championship and a pizza party. The programs are taught by the PGA Professionals Luke Emrich and Chris Bigford along with some volunteers that have shown exceptional ability in golf and have a desire to help juniors learn the game. Sunnybrook will again be hosting the Hudsonville High School teams and looks forward to continuing this relationship and utilizing some of the high school golfers to help our junior program.

This year the clinics are going to be broken-up into three groups based on age (5-8, 9-11, and 12+). Each age bracket will meet for six one-hour clinics (all on Tuesday) and three play dates (all on Wednesday). The Junior Golf will be open to all members (Golf, Pool, Sports, etc) kids, dependents and grandchildren. Each group will be taught according to their skill level, but all children in each group will have an education session where course care, etiquette and safety are taught. The year will again end with the Junior Club Championship and Pizza party on August 7th.  Also, Sunnybrook Country Club has joined partners with the PGA to offer the PGA Jr Golf League.  More information regarding the PGA Jr Golf League can be found on our Facebook page or through Sunnybrook emails. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us via the information below.

All league documents & forms can be found on the members page under club information.